British Institute


Karate Organisation 

4th Dan and Above : Promotion to 4th Dan or Above will be done by the Executive Commitee.
However any instructor can recommend anyone they think is worthy of promotion. 
The Final Decision will be made by the Executive Commitee.

Grading of 3rd Dans : The grading panel must consist of a 5th Dan as the Head of the Panel, and at least 2 4th Dans present. (Minimun of 3 on the Panel)

Grading of 2nd Dans : 4th Dans have the Authority to grade their own students to 2nd Dan, provided they have held the grade of 4th Dan for more than 2 years.

Grading of 1st Dans : 3rd Dans have the right to grade up to and including 1st Dan within their own Club.

2rd Dans : Can grade up to 1st Kyu.

1st Dans : Can grade up to 2nd Kyu.​