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The next step is the hardest of all, but before you decide whether or not to begin training, take a few minutes to read on. Gain an insight into a club and world-wide organization where the ability and knowledge of its senior instructors is second to none.

All you need to learn any new subject or discipline, like karate or self-defence is first accept that you know nothing about it, throw away any pre-conceived ideas you may have and give it a try. You stand to lose nothing, but will gain a new lease of life. One of the reasons people start Karate is for self-defence value. This will in turn build confidence in yourself and help you stand up to certain intimidating situations. Learning and practicing Karate is relaxing and a very enjoyable fitness exercise.

The training begins simply with learning to loosen up by stretching properly. It progresses at the level you feel comfortable with. Karate practice is superb for body conditioning. You don't need any special or expensive equipment; you can practice Karate at your convenience, in your home or at our Club. Unlike most sports it can be practiced throughout the year, without the need for a constant partner.

Students find that Karate movements develop coordination, increased strength, and flexibility. As with most arts, there is a wealth of knowledge that can be mastered, but it is easy to start learning and the benefits become apparent immediately. We try to make the learning experience both pleasant and fun and you should enjoy coming to the Dojo, whether to work with the instructors or to combine exercise with socializing.