British Institute


Karate Organisation 

We have a Membership of Clubs Countrywide, with a Variety of styles.
B.I.K.O. has a policy of NON Interference in the daily running of Clubs, Instructors work to their own Syllabus, Customs and Practices. However we have a wealth of Technical Backup if required. We can provide First Class Tuition in all aspects of Karate, and weapons, from Experienced Instructors. Our Motto is Saizen which means to Aim To Be The Best!
B.I.K.O. wants to bring all clubs together to share their knowledge and build a strong spirit of friendship within the Organisation. We have a National Squad which enter Regional, National and International Competitions.
Develop BIKO so that further expansion of more coaches and clubs can be created in the UK and around the World. To bring clubs together to share their knowledge, and build a strong spirit of friendship throughout the organisation. To constantly improve standards, in accordance with our motto - Saizen which means to Aim To Be The Best!

The object of the organisation shall be to foster and develop karate on traditional lines, to organise and regulate karate on a National basis, to control the promotion of karate to higher degrees and to represent the United Kingdom in the international field.

To produce students that achieve their maximum potential in karate.
To provide opportunities for all karatekas to take part in all activities at all skill levels.To forge sporting links with other countries.To train in a safe and protected environment.To promote general interest in all forms of Martial Arts.To promote karate in a positive way so that it can gain easy access to the visual media like other sports.To provide courses so that members can develop their true potential.To maintain high standards of coaching within BIKO.To identify and nurture members with outstanding ability.To develop karate from the grassroots so members have opportunities to take part in competitions at all levels.To use modern technology to transmit information to members and all other interested parties.